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Gamers on the Street: Ready for the Sunwell

Mike Schramm

Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft. Lisa is absent this week, so instead Mike Schramm went to Cenarius to talk directly to ingame players.

When I headed into the game this week to do this column, both Krystalle and Lisa (who usually does GotS) warned me that it was rough out there, and that players weren't really into chatting with random people about what they thought about the past week in Warcraft. But I have to say -- the denizens of Cenarius treated me as well as can be expected. I logged in on my level 30 mage Erban, sent out a tell in /Trade (sorry for spamming, Cenarius-ians), and pretty soon I got two nice players to chat with me. We talked mostly about what they'd been up to in game, what they're looking ahead to with patch 2.4, whether Noblegarden sucks (spoiler: it does), and just how much they'd pay (or their guild would charge) for that Zul'aman bear mount.

Read on to see our conversations.

Jonwayne, level 70 Priest, member of Ascension
I wasn't able to get Jonwayne's picture, unfortunately (he was in Stormwind, and I was in Ironforge, and I didn't realize until after I stopped bothering him that I'd probably need a good pic), but he seemed like a nice enough guy. He plays as a priest in Ascension on Cenarius' Alliance side.

WI: What have you been up to ingame lately?
Jonwayne: Mostly endgame raiding: Karazhan, SSC, Gruul's, and Mag's lair.

Have you downed Gruul or Mag yet? What are you up to now?
I have downed Gruul. We've gotten Mag to about 20%.

Have you guys tried Zul'Aman yet?
I've been in once, downed 3/6 bosses so far.

Nice. Are you excited for patch 2.4? When do you think it'll drop?
Yeah, I'm excited. Looking forward to cleave not hitting CC targets -- makes my life easier when shackling. I believe it'll drop most likely this Tuesday or the one after, due to the trailer being released. Same as 2.3.

What about Noblegarden? Are you into that at all?
=\ lol. Nah.

It seems like the dumbest of the holidays to me. And it's not like there's going to be anything new.
Halloween and Xmas are the best ones. And will always be.

Agreed. Anything else you've been doing in game?
Just working towards Black Temple. I'm an altaholic also, so you know the deal.

What are your alts?
33 Hunter, 27 Warrior, 19 Rogue, 29 Druid. Mostly twinks.

Wow, yeah you do keep busy. Any shoutouts you want to give out?
My guild, Ascension. They cared for me since I was level 30 and brought me up. I owe a lot to them.

What are you raiding with them as? Holy?
Shadow, baby!

O RLY. And you have pallys healing for you then?
Mixed bag, really. Restos and holy pallys and priests. Mostly resto druids. Love the trees.

What, no shamans?
A few.

Good. I'm a resto shammy on my main.

Thanks for chatting, appreciate it.

Yep, no problem, was my pleasure.

And right as I finished up with Jon, I saw a human rogue run by on a Zul'Aman bear mount. I haven't seen too many of them in game (although it seems like there's been more lately), so I chased the rogue down, and also got to talk to...

Xyrana, 70 Human Rogue, member of Fuze
WI: Hey you have a second?
Xyrana: Sup?

You ever heard of WoW Insider?
No, what's that? It's a blog about WoW.

I'm from there and was wondering if you'd have a few seconds to chat for an interview.
Sure, go for it.

I like your mount, when did you get it?
About three weeks ago or so.

Are you guys farming ZA then?
We've gotten a bear mount in ten of our last ten tries. So, yes.

Wow. Did you hear about the girl who bought a bear mount this last week?
Nope. How much did she pay?

Haha. She paid 20,000g.

You guys should charge that. Bring someone with you on the run and give it to them for gold.
I'm sure Fuze would sell one for that amount.

What else are you up to in game?
We've had every 25 man on farm since October.

Wow. So you must be ready for Sunwell then.
Yeah, we should blow through it.

Did you get on the PTR at all? How'd you do there?
Yeah, we had two hours of attempts on M'uru. We did pretty good, but the PTR is just unstable.

Like it crashed on you?
Yeah, it'll crash quite frequently.

I see the "Rival" title you've got -- you do PvP, or are you just a raider?
I PvP for fun, really. But I have all the gear and 5k points already.

Haha so you guys have beat the game. So why are you still playing?
We gear up alts and stuff. And the Sunwell is due next week.

Should be fun. Can I get a shot of you on your mount?
Sure, let me put on my raid gear.

Thanks very much to everyone on Cenarius for letting me spam them, and especially to Jonwayne and Xyrana for chatting with me. Keep an eye out for Gamers on the Street on your realm -- you never know when WoW Insider will show up to interview you.

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