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Hear Bangai-O's downloadable stages for yourself


Bangai-O Spirits is out in Japan as of this week, and Treasure and ESP have already made some bonus content available on the game's website (click "special"). Not only can stages be transmitted through sound, but replay videos can as well! The MP3 files come in at 500 kilobytes at most and run from about 7 seconds long up until 29. As expected, they sound pretty much like modem connection noises -- in case you were wondering!

We're saving these for ourselves, just in case they're only available for a limited time. There are currently three stages and three associated replays online -- one of which was created as a TGS demo with V-Jump Magazine branding, another the work of a PR person (we think?) named George who set out to make a challenging stage, and the last a maze created by someone at ESP.


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