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How would you change the outcome of the 700MHz auction?

Chris Ziegler

So now that the dust is settling, winners are boasting, and Auction 73 is in the record books, it's time to take a good, hard look back on what was, what is, and what could've been. As we all now know, Verizon came away with the biggest prize -- the giant Block C that will be obligated to provide open access to any device that can technically support it -- but AT&T and Echostar partner Frontier Wireless could end up making quite a stink with their Block B and E wins, respectively. So how does everyone feel about the results? Is Verizon the proper trustee for what is likely the single most important swath of wireless broadband to hit the US auction block in the foreseeable future, or would Google have been a better choice? Should AT&T have stepped up to the plate and taken a shot at Block C, or is the lower bandwidth Block B sufficient for its needs and desires? Don't be shy now!

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