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Limited Edition GTA IV 360's given to press outlets


Remember back when Halo 3 launched and Microsoft sent reviewers and news outlets a massive duffel bag full of Halo 3 swag? Well those marketing folks at Microsoft are up to their old tricks again, stepping up the swag by an order of magnitude this time. The guys over at complex blog posted some pictures of the package they received which includes a one-of-five-hundred custom painted Elite 360 and a case of peripherals, including a Vision Cam, a controller with ChatPad and a multi-media remote control.

It's too bad that we didn't get one, otherwise there would be another giant fanswag giveaway. Oh well, marvel at the pretty pictures and think about just how desperate Microsoft is to make GTA IV a huge hit that they're willing to give away so much free stuff to the press. And, by the way, if you're reading this and you're from Microsoft 's marketing department, hook us up next time could you?

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