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Does it get any better?

Tateru Nino

Take an advertising/marketing operation and mix it with a virtual world, and what do you get? No, not There -- well, maybe them, but that's not who we mean. The answer is Riplounge.

Browser-based and 2.5D (2D sprites in a pseudo 3D environment), Riplounge is for ... umm. Well, actually we're not quite sure. We think it is aimed largely at the wannabe-hip, under-25, knows-about-the-same-about-computers-as-your-granny demographic. Or maybe the I-wish-I-was-15-again demographic.

Either way, Riplounge is essentially a social-network meets Habbo Hotel. The graphics are better. Riplounge offers you a social networking experience in a marketer's virtual world and tantalizes you with special and exclusive offers to access more marketing.

What could be better than that?

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