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Nine HD newcomers headed to Northern New Jersey

Darren Murph

Rest easy, Northern New Jersey residents, as the nine HD channels mentioned late last month are coming your way, too. According to a new internal memo from Comcast, folks up in the Union, NJ region will see Discovery HD (224), Food Network HD (216), HGTV HD (213), A&E HD (211), History Channel HD (217), Sci-Fi HD (226), USA HD (222) and Animal Planet HD (230) added to their lineup, but they'll be waiting until May 15th to get the goods. Also, we're hearing that SportsNet NY HD (SNY HD) will be arriving on March 25th (similar to Ocean County), and it seems that Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network and History Channel are all being relocated and going digital only. For what its worth, users in the area are surmising that the changes will include a trio of HD channels on a single QAM, which could lead to less-than-impressive results when May rolls around.

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