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One Shots: Everyone say cheese!

It seems like during the holidays or parties, people love to gather together and do a "photo" (screenshot) together. Our reader Jose found one such group, and being a bit of a game 'photographer' himself, snapped this excellent screenshot for us. With today being Easter Sunday, many folks will be gathering together in brightly-colored finery with friends and family. So we figured what better time to share this festive screen! Jose writes:

[This is] a line up for the "photographer" during a party. Funny things people do in LotRO.

We've seen screenshot lineups in many, many games, really. But half the fun of gaming is doing funny things with friends -- and occasionally snapping screenshots of them!

If you have any great, funny, interesting, off the wall, beautiful, exciting or (insert adjective here) screenshots, then let the world share in your moment! Grab those screens, pop them in a mail with a short blurb about what's in the scene, and send them to us at! No game too old or niche, no screenshot too large.

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