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Sega confirms Sonic Unleashed after video and screenshot leaks

Update: Don't get too pumped -- Sega Magazine, the original source for this information, just posted a vague disclaimer saying that the info discussed in their article is back to being speculation. Sonic Unleashed is in the works with a giant budget, but the claim that it would be 2D might be dissolved by their latest mission statement: to "rebuild the Sonic brand and prove it could work in 3D environments." We'll let you know more about this situation as it develops. Update 2: Images pulled on request from Sega of America's Sr. Legal Counsel.

For the past few days, we've been seeing a gaggle of screenshots and a somewhat dubious gameplay video (check it out after the break) for Sega's recently trademarked title Sonic Unleashed. Self-proclaimed Sonic experts have weighed in on whether the leaked media is "teh fake," but all doubts were crushed by a recent confirmation by Sega Europe -- Sonic Unleashed is on its way to unspecified consoles for a November release, and as many pieced together from the leaked video, much of the gameplay is returning to the series' 2D roots.

You'll be able to traverse the game's 12 stages as Knuckles, Tails or the eponymous hedgehog, who has picked up the ability to transform into Wolf Sonic, seen in the concept art above. We aren't crazy about the prospect of a foam-mouthed, feral version of the beloved protagonist, but we're pleased to know they're keeping the game's character lineup to a minimum. There's a chance we'll be hearing more about the title at SEGA Gamer's Day in May -- keep your fingers crossed that no additional whimsically named forest dwellers pop up on the game's roster until then. Video embedded after the break.

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