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Velocity Mobile, shrouded in mystery, preps for CTIA reveal

Chris Ziegler

It's not every day that a new phone manufacturer backed by one of the world's largest ODMs gets off the ground, so this might just be worth keeping an eye on. Seattle and London-based Velocity Mobile -- with support from electronics giant Inventec -- will be revealing itself and its product line at CTIA next week, adding some sort of entry to the crowded smartphone market. We can only assume there'll be something here to set 'em apart from the crowd, since anonymity is a recipe for a new entrant's quick, profitless death. Inventec's been responsible for some lovely kit in recent memory, so they're definitely capable of pulling off some sort of coup; then again they've also brewed up disasters like the i-mate JAQ, so we don't think we're in a position to use our jump to conclusions mat here without seeing the goods. Hang tight on this one, folks.

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