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We're not cheering for We Cheer

Candace Savino

It turns out another cheerleading game that's not Ouendan is coming to the Wii. Can we get a facepalm, please?

Not that we have anything against cheerleading. We're just curious why there's a sudden revival of the sport, which has inspired two companies to bring it to the Wii. Seriously, people, it's been years since the Spartans SNL sketches or Bring it On made the general public view cheerleading as anything other than an excuse to ogle cute girls.

Nevertheless, joining THQ in the pep parade is Namco Bandai with a game called We Cheer. There's no word yet on whether Namco's game will involve the balance board, too, but we think it's a safe bet (think We Ski).

We hope this is the last cheerleading game we'll ever have to write about; unless, of course, iNiS feels inspired to bring an Ouendan adaptation to the Wii. We'd be totally fine with that. Seriously, iNiS, make it happen.

*Note: Looking up "cheerleader" in Google Image Search is absolutely scandalous.

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