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BlackBerry Curve 8330 inbound for Sprint next month?

Chris Ziegler

After seeing how the Pearl developed from the 8100 into the 8130, we can only guess that RIM must get some sick kick out of playing its GSM and CDMA customers off against one another. Come on, you just know Sprint and Verizon were probably beating down RIM's door the second the Curve was announced for GSM carriers across the lands, and if we had to guess, there's probably been a mad rush on the part of said carriers to get the so-called 8330 into their labs, approved, and onto shelves as quickly as possible following its development. Right now it's looking like Sprint would like (emphasis on "like") to have the Curve available in all retail channels on the 20th of April, according to a release document being floated over at Boy Genius Report. Our hearts have been broken too many times to count on that date, but by golly, we're hoping.

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