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EA confirms Bad Company weapon purchases

Dustin Burg

It's true. Today, EA confirmed that Battlefield: Bad Company will feature micro-transactions surrounding a few of the game's weapons. Crap.

Discovered via the Bad Company beta menus, a few of the game's weapons mentioned the fact that they could only be unlocked via an XBLM purchase. In an effort to clarify the rumors, EA confirmed with IGN that Bad Company will feature five unlockable weapons which will be a part of a promotional period prior to the game's launch and will eventually end up being free downloads after the retail launch. But the game will also sport five other weapons which will be exclusively included in Bad Company's Gold Edition or as a purchase off the XBLM for a "small individualized price". EA wanted to make it clear that the purchasable weapons do not give players any significant edge, rather they'll give players more variety. And that's supposed to make us okay with it? Pssht, micro-transactions suck.

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