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GalleryPlayer's HD artwork coming to Mitsubishi flat-panels

Darren Murph

Given the last time we heard that GalleryPlayer was sinking its teeth into a major television brand was nearly two years ago, we're a tad surprised to see it actually attempting to sashay back into the limelight. Nevertheless, the company that aims to deliver "rights-protected" imagery to your HDTV when not tuning into HD programming, HD gaming or HD movies (um, and this is when, exactly?) has inked a new deal with Mitsubishi. Reportedly, the partnership will enable GalleryPlayer to embed its proprietary technology in 2008 Mitsu HDTV models launching this Spring, giving owners the ability to purchase and display 1080p art galleries from its expansive library. Still, we'd rather snap up a DSLR of our own and toss up a slideshow to be really proud of, but to each his / her own.

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