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Last Flight: Vampires on a plane on your Wii


We're going to go ahead and fire a pre-emptive strike: ignore the mention of Nibris in the source article linked to this post. Ignore it completely. Nibris has nothing to do with this completely awesome WiiWare title that has been announced, which means it may have some chance of actually existing.

That said ... have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a completely badass, whip-carrying food critic who is also totally capable of killing vampires with whatever happens to be lying around? Enter Last Flight, which is that very game, except it's also on a plane. The cel-shaded game sounds awesome, but we'll have to wait an entire year to find out just how awesome -- it's not slated for release until Q1 of next year.

For now, however, we can jump around excitedly over what we do know. Our hero, Larry Adelman, is up against an army of undead, and he's got a whip dipped in holy water ... but that won't curb the threat. No, he's got to stake them. The problem? He's only got four stakes, and when those are gone, he has to use whatever is at hand to make more. Time to get creative, troops! But don't worry. You've got a year to bend your brain toward the extermination of the undead menace.

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