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More dual-SIM wares on the way from Samsung

Chris Ziegler

As cool as the concept of the Samsung DuoS D880 might be, there's a big problem: it runs in the $700 range at retail. Russian site Smape recently sat down with Samsung's mobile chief for the region, and he plainly admitted that the high cost of the D880's admission is leaving out a large segment of the dual-SIM market -- folks who are looking to minimize costs by using different providers depending on who they're calling -- and the company's looking to address that in the second quarter by adding another DuoS model, the P240 candybar. The new piece is expected to cost 20 to 30 percent less than the D880 while still offering its most important feature -- the two SIM slots, that is -- along with Bluetooth, a microSD slot, and a 220 x 176 display. The rep also mentioned that a WinMo-powered DuoS is in the works for this year, and Symbian's on their radar as well -- though probably not before 2008's out. Samsung had previously shown a DuoS-based version of the Armani, too, but it looks like that's now off the table because they found that managing two SIMs proved difficult with a touchscreen; we personally think we could've managed, but whatevs.

[Via Unwired View]

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