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Nokia N82 gets blacked out for retail

Chris Ziegler

Our sights are sort of irreparably set on the N78 and N96 at this point, but let's not forget a killer handset out of Espoo that's already launched, already available at retail, and holds its own in the technical arena: the N82. The 5 megapixel Nseries badass offers a candybar alternative to the N95, thanks to a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that's ready to take the place of your average point-and-shoot -- and the xenon flash actually one-ups the N95's weakling LED unit. We really liked the original pearlescent white when we saw it in the flesh with our very own eyes, but if you simply must have something just a little meaner looking, consider this: black. Yep, the N82's been relaunched in a rather menacing gloss black, and even better, it comes preloaded with the model's latest firmware that offers photo geotagging out of the box thanks to the phone's integrated GPS receiver. Grab it now for €400 (about $618).

[Via MobileBurn]

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