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Raytheon Controlled Impact Rescue Tool pulverizes concrete to save the day

Nilay Patel

Sure, we've got devices that can see through concrete walls, but why get all complicated when there's some good ol' fashioned bashing to be done? That's the poetic question posed by the Controlled Impact Rescue Tool, developed by Raytheon as part of a Department of Homeland Security program. The 100-pound rescue device uses specially-designed ammunition to create shock waves that can shatter through concrete walls in just 13 minutes, compared to nearly half an hour for conventional methods. Although the rig can create a hole big enough for a person to crawl out of, it's designed to be held up and operated by just two people, and as the video below shows, it doesn't look like it's too much of a bear to handle. Raytheon hasn't set a price for the CIRT yet, but it's aiming it at fire departments, rescue services and the military -- but we're always ready for a demo if anyone's interested.

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