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Rock Band coming to Wii on June 22nd [update 2]


Harmonix has finally made it for-really-real official: Rock Band is coming out on the Wii. They announced today that Rock Band will come out for Wii on June 22nd in the U.S. and Canada, in a Special Edition package including drums, a wireless guitar, and a mic, for $169.99. Standalone instruments will also be available.

Rock Band will feature 63 songs, which includes five "bonus songs" -- we don't know what any of the songs are or what it means for some of them to be "bonuses." Songs that are available as DLC on other platforms? Nintendo stuff? No idea. But as long as there are songs in the game for us to play fake instruments to, we kind of don't care. We are down with Waggle Rock.

[Update: thanks to a post on the Rock Band forum from a Harmonix staffer (via Joystiq), our enthusiasm has diminished somewhat. "The feature-set is a lot closer to the PS2 version of Rock Band which was also developed by Pi Studios," according to the post. Interestingly, he also said that the peripherals don't use the Wiimote, which calls Guitar Hero interoperability into question.]

[Update 2: MTV's Multiplayer blog answers the DLC question definitively: "There will be no DLC available, but the Wii version will have the five additional songs on the game disc."]

[Via Gaming Bits, thanks, Rivithed!]

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