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Rumor: Wii Fit to lighten American wallets by $90


Nintendo did say that Wii Fit would come in at under $100. According to (a blurry snapshot of what looks like) a Gamestop release list, American gamers will be shelling out $89.99 for the game and the included Balance Board peripheral when it releases on May 19th. According to this semi-mysterious source, the preorder deposit for the game will be $10 instead of the normal $5.

$90 is certainly a lot less than Europe and Australia will be paying for Wii Fit, and it seems like a fair price for the program and the hardware. But we can't help but feel slightly amused that we (and so many others) will gladly shell out almost $100 just to have our game consoles call us fat every day.


[Via GoNintendo]

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