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Wii Fit priced for $90 at GameStop, pre-order $10


According to a blurry GameStop release list image posted by WiiCast over the weekend, the charge for admission into the Wii Fit club will be $90. We've confirmed with various local GameStops that the game is listed in its system for $90. Pre-orders are being offered for $10 instead of the regular $5, but the two-fold increase is something we've heard has been in the GameStop pipeline for a while.

Nintendo confirmed with Joystiq that the only thing released is that [Wii Fit] will be under $100 when it debuts on May 19. North America is the only announced region for Wii Fit without a confirmed price tag, with Europe and Australia ready to pay over $100 USD for the pressure-sensitive sweat board.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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