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Broadcom and Coship develop HD STB in advance of Beijing Olympics

Darren Murph

As the 2008 Beijing Olympics draw near, we're seeing quite a bit of high-def progress being made in the Far East. Not only is flat-panel demand on the rise, but broadcasters are stepping up their games in order to dole out more HD content. Now, Broadcom and Coship have teamed up to deliver China's first commercial HD set-top-box solution. As it stands, the latter firm is already building N8603 and N8606 STBs that integrate Broadcom's SoC solution, and when rolled out, they will enable Chinese viewers to take advantage of HD content and PVR capabilities. No word on when the two boxes will leave the lab, but we have all ideas they'll be hitting homes well before the famed Opening Ceremonies begin.

[Via Digital Edge]

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