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Eye of Judgment expansion delayed for the US

Jason Dobson

It looks like players in both Japan and Europe will be getting a leg up on building decks and strategies for the upcoming expansion to Sony and Wizard's of the Coast's Eye of Judgment, as the game will not make its previously announced March 27th released in North America. If we had to guess, this probably can be traced to some sort of printing error with the cards, though Sony hasn't specified a reason for the delay, nor a new North American release date, with a post on the official PlayStation blog saying only to "stay tuned."

As previously mentioned, the expansion will require not only the original game but also the purchase of a download from the PlayStation Store (for new character models and effects we assume), though Sony adds that this download will be kept out of North American players' hands until the cards eventually make their fashionably late debut. Until that time, enjoy the expansion's latest trailer, and imagine yourself playing the game through the magic of self delusion.

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