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NCSoft's Ultimate Heroic Weekend

Shawn Schuster

This last weekend, John over at Tabula Blogger was fortunate enough to attend NCSoft's Ultimate Heroic Weekend. Originally created as a CoH/CoV event, there was also a fair representation by Tabula Rasa players and devs as well.

Held at Birmingham, UK's Omega Sektor, this "minicon" was great fun for all, with Task Force events, TR Bootcamp, meet-ups and races. NCSoft's European Community Coordinator Tia "Avatea" was on hand to dish out the prizes for this gigantic LAN party. John was even able to get his TR character drawn by the great Andie Tong for the Draw the World Together charity. Be sure to check out more on John's experience as well as a few great pics over at Tabula Blogger.

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