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Panasonic puts speakers in TV stand, calls it SC-HTR110

Steven Kim

Having come to the land of HD from the audio world, it's ironic to see the return of essentially "console" systems that put speakers, amps and processing in a TV stand. But hey, fashion moves in cycles, right? Seriously, we'd recommend a HTIB system before one of these, but if you are really space- or fashion-constrained, or simply can't be bothered to think about both audio equipment and display furniture, then Panasonic's new SC-HTR110 might interest you. They've come up with a clever name, "rack theater," which will compliment your (naturally) Viera TV with basic surround decoding (including Dolby Virtual Speaker tech for surround-ish sound), amplification and four drivers spread across L/R channels. All of that, built into the TV stand! Up for grabs next month in Japan (where it makes more sense); let's hope this is one trend that doesn't catch on Stateside.

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