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Pokemon Ranger Batonnage: Bidoofs aplenty


Pokémon Ranger Batonnage doesn't seem to include any major alterations to the Ranger gameplay. See Pokemans, draw circles around them, and catch them (all). Pokémon fans have come to expect sequels with identical gameplay by now, we think: the main series, after all, is the same game over and over again, just refined each time.

The latest gameplay video shows one area in which Batonnage has improved upon its predecessor: Bidoof content. The once-Bidoof-free series is now crawling with dopey-looking Bidoofs. Bidooves? Oh, there's also Wi-Fi, but this video doesn't show it, and who cares about other people when there are so many Bidoofs out there? Really, we just like saying the word "Bidoof."


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