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Sprint gets free MySpace Mobile; everyone else, too

Chris Ziegler

The market for $2.99 / month mobile MySpace access is probably going to be drying up real quick now that MySpace's free, ad-supported site is available from pretty much any device you can throw at it, and Sprint is quick to recognize that fact. You might say the carrier's a little too eager, actually, crafting its own press release to trumpet the fact that a link to MySpace has been added directly to its content deck. Sure, that makes it considerably easier for the most casual mobile web users to navigate their way over to one of the internet's great black holes, but let's not lose sight of the fact that pretty much anyone with a phone and a data connection can get to this thing. As mocoNews points out, Sprint's primarily using the launch as an opportunity to push its recently-announced Simply Everything plan, anyway -- but if you're blowing through enough data on an exceptionally low-bandwidth site like MySpace Mobile to warrant an unlimited plan, well, that really makes you one of us. Welcome to the club.

[Via mocoNews]

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