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Win $10K for texting in Gamestop's GTA IV contest

Starting tomorrow, game retail giant Gamestop begins its Grand Theft Auto IV promotional push. Commensurate with the excitement surrounding the title, it's going all out, holding a national text-to-win contest (think American Idol) which will land four winners in New York City at the April 28th GTA IV launch event where they'll have a chance to win up to $10,000 each. They also get $250 in pocket cash and "two gift bags filled with games from GameStop and Rockstar Games" – some consolation if they manage to pick one of the $100 envelopes instead of the $10,000 ones.

If you want to see a marketing exec dodge sales questions over and over, check out GameDaily BIZ's interview with Joseph Heilner, director of marketing at Gamestop, about the promotion. If you just want a chance to win, we'll save you the trouble of going to Gametop's site and tell you exactly how to enter: just text a single digit from '1' to '5' to GSGTA4 – the number you select corresponds to your guess as to where Niko Bellic hid his lock box. Alright, let's make a deal: if any of us win, we'll all split it, okay?

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