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A glorious throne for your controllers


Looking for the most flamboyant way possible to keep your Wiimotes, Nunchuks and a Classic Controller tidily put away? CYBER Gadget's CYBER Remocon & Nunchuk Stand may be for you -- after you throw some LEDs in there, of course. The stand features two rubber-grippy slots for Wii Remotes, flanking stands for Nunchuks, and even a slot in the back for a single Classic. It includes velcro cable ties for the connectors on the Nunchuks and Classic Controller, and even has sockets in the back to plug the controllers into as a form of cord management.

It kind of looks like it should charge the controllers, doesn't it? Well, it doesn't. Unless maybe it charges them with the prestige of such a prominent display. (It doesn't.) We like the idea of keeping our stuff off the floor, however.

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