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The Art of War(craft): An awesome patch for PvP
In its gestational stages, Patch 2.4 threatened to be a PvP landscape-changing patch with the controversial change to Life Tap and ill-advised buff to Flametongue. Those proposed changes won't make it live, however, and it looks like World of Warcraft PvP won't be drastically different than it was pre-patch
Have you hit the 2.4 content yet?
Obviously, everyone knows patch 2.4 hit today. You can't turn around
without seeing something about it. And, well... if you play WoW, you were probably assaulted with a downloader before you could log in. Basically, 2.4 hit. You know that.
About the Bloggers: Robin Torres
First of all, the above is not a recent picture. I just thought it was important for you to know that I'm the type of person who fondles larger than life, mostly naked, movie theater props hanging out in the back of pickup trucks. On to the questions...
Guildwatch: She fulfilled my everyone fantasy
Only in the best situations do you have great documentation of great drama, and only in the best of the best do you have actual screenshots of it as it happens. But then again, that might just be more evidence that they're just messing around -- it's hard to believe that this really happened and was captured so perfectly.

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