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DS Fanboy endorses panda bears on see-saws


Look, we would pick this game up based on the fact that there are pandas on see-saws alone. If you want to market your game to the DS Fanboy staff, this is how you do it!

But, our job is demanding. We have to, like, investigate games and find out stuff about them. It's a tough job sometimes, when you're forced to look past the see-sawing panda bears and see the world for what it truly is. It's a place with far too little see-sawing pandas, that's for sure!

So what exactly are we all looking at here? Well, it's the latest issue of Famitsu and its preview for a game called Panda Diaries from Namco. As one might imagine, the title focuses around interacting with virtual panda bears and will allow players to enjoy a variety of activities. We should also note that it is already one of DS Fanboy's top titles to watch and is due for release during the summer of this year.

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