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Microsoft sifting through iPhone SDK, apps a possibility

Chris Ziegler

Mom-and-pop shops and giant corporations are clearly still trying to wrap their heads around the iPhone SDK, probe its capabilities and limitations, and figure out just what kinds of apps to bring to the table, and Microsoft is no exception. The company maintains a fairly active Mac development division -- a bit of a redheaded stepchild for the company, but a profitable one at that -- so it totally makes sense that they'd want to bring the iPhone into the fold from that angle. Indeed, the head of Microsoft's Specialized Devices and Applications Group (of which the Mac fiends are a part) have assigned a small handful of engineers to figuring out how, if at all, they can add value to Apple's talkabout; some sort of Office extension is an obvious one, but recent acquisition TellMe is also looking into whether it can shoehorn any voice recognition goodies on there as well. The strange bit, of course, is that this flies in the face of Microsoft's own Windows Mobile, which itself could use all the engineering help it can get to roll out its long-promised killer revamp as quickly as possible; then again, Office Mac is itself an affront to Windows, so maybe it's business as usual in Redmond.

[Via iLounge]

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