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One Shots: Goonswarm vs BoB

We threw out the call, and sure enough, we were answered by an EVE player! Today's One Shots comes from Rob, who sent this awesome picture of a group gathering up before an enormous battle in EVE. He also gave us a great back-story on just what this screenshot is all about, so I'll turn this over to him.

This is a shot, head on, of my Taranis (Interceptor) with the fleet assembled at a POS waiting for our next fight. I believe it was in 25s or FAT during a conflict (a few days before Christmas 2007) there between BoB and the Goons. It's always been one of my favorite shots because its such a mess of so many ships.

For those of you who aren't in the know, both BoB and the Goons are short form for two very large and fairly influential corporations in EVE Online. Think of it as two of the largest guilds in any other game setting up a giant war on one another, with total loss of gear, and permanent effects on the universe you play in. This is hardcore PvP.

Do you have any screenshots of your experiences in game? We take PvE, PvP, landscapes, you name it. If it's going on in a game world, we want to see it! Just grab your screenshots, toss them in a mail with whatever information you'd like to give us and send it to Yours could be our next featured image!

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