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Raid reset timers are wrong


You might be noticing some strange things in your "Raid Information" window. For many players it is showing that the timers are twice as long as they actually are. Ie: Kara is showing it resets in 13 days 8 hours, ZA is showing it resets in 5 days 10 hours, etc... You can access your raid info windows by going into the raid tab and clicking on the "Raid Info" button in the upper right hand corner of the window. The raid tab is part of the social windows, which you can access by pressing the "O" key (that's oh, not zero).

This is a known error. Drysc has posted as much in the forums. Since they know about the bug, we can assume that it's going to be fixed. Further, this is just a display issue, which means it is not actually going to affect the timers.

It doesn't appear to be showing up for every player though. In fact, I'm not seeing it on my two toons I raided with last night. However several of my friends are not as lucky. Once this bug is fixed we'll let you know.

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