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Savage 2 gets free content update, Linux client

Developer S2 Games recently announced two enhancements to its independently published PC FPS slash RTS slash RPG, Savage 2: A Tortured Soul. So, what's new for the game IGN said combined the "team-based action of games like Tribes and Battlefield with an original fantasy setting and a ground-level RTS mechanic"? For starters, the "first of many" free content updates drops a new unit, new maps, clan support, an achievement system (replete with customary clever names), obligatory bug fixes and more.

Also available: a Linux client, which should appeal to gamers on that admittedly not-gaming-heavy platform who appreciated the original Savage's Linux client. If you're hoping for a Mac OS X release, the developers have said, "Depending on Sav 2's success, we may port to Mac OS – however, at this time, we are not." Regardless, if you're interested, you can download either the Windows or Linux client and play for up to five hours for free; after that, you can purchase the full game for $30. Any Savage 2 players care to offer their reports? Sound off in the comments.

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