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Square/Enix cracks down on Final Fantasy XI RMT

Michael Zenke

The folks at Square/Enix have had a rough time with in-game money sellers, commonly known as gold or gil-farmers. Over the last few years they've taken some drastic steps to curtail the activities of RMT vendors inside the world of Final Fantasy XI. At the Austin Game Developer's Conference last year, they spent the majority of a keynote session talking about their efforts to stamp out the farming menace. Through the tireless work of the anti-RMT squad onstaff, they've greatly reduced the instances of gold selling in Vana'diel.

Still, the sellers never rest. The official FFXI site has up details on a fresh new round of bans the company has handed down. Interestingly, they break down the numbers so we can see who was banned for what. We can seen, then, that about 1500 people have been removed from the game since February 17th for gil-selling in-game. Since January 27th about 1000 people have been kicked for using movement hacks, while about half that have been removed for 'monopolizing monsters or areas'. Interesting stuff, and fascinating to see it broken out like that. Keep fighting the good fight, Vana'diel soliders!

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