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Turok to get five new multiplayer maps tomorrow

Justin McElroy

Sometimes we get so obsessed with Call of Duty 4 or new Halo 3 maps that we forget there are other games people like to play online. Take, for instance, Turok, which we just learned will get five new multiplayer maps (the "Velociraptor Pack") via Xbox Live and PSN tomorrow. The DLC will run you $5 (400 points) on both systems.

Well, by "five" maps, we really should say "two," because one is a new co-op map and two are re-lit versions of already available maps. But three maps for $10 seems to be the standard now, so we're not complaining. No, what puzzles us is this: We know it's not one of the big guns, but is anybody playing Turok online? Is this a gem we missed out on?

Side note from that same release: Expect the PC version of the game to arrive on April 22 for $50.

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