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Wiimote 'extreme' LED mod is dazzling

Candace Savino

When we hear the word "extreme" in the title of anything, we usually assume we'll hate it. (Note: This rule of thumb is especially important when the "ex" syllable is replaced by the letter "x".) We were therefore surprised to see how utterly freaking awesome SiebenDX's "Wiimote extreme LED mod" was.

It's not even just the Wiimotes, Nunchucks, and Classic Controllers modded with LED bling that make them worth checking out, but the video itself is entertaining. While "Through the Fire and the Flames" wouldn't be our first choice at accompanying music (well, maybe it would be someone's first choice), we enjoy how the LEDs coordinate with the music. It's like watching some sort of LED-mod-meets-Guitar Hero hybrid.

Then again, maybe we're just easily amused. Ooh, look at the pretty colors!

[Via Gemaga]

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