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Chadrick Baker to advise the Association of Virtual Worlds

Tateru Nino

You may previously know him as Chadrick Linden, Governance Team Lead at Linden Lab, or from earlier days as Adam Linden, before a lot of staff got a round of renaming.

These days, he's Chadrick Baker of metaverse developer, Metaversatility, and now the newest member of the advisory board to the Association of Virtual Worlds.

"Metaversatility is focused on bringing our clients together in a way that helps further the development of a 3D internet," Baker told us today, "The Association has recognized the benefits of having portals which allow users to log into different clients from a single space."

"Metaversatility and The AVW are very much inline with each other as far as perspective and overall strategy and direction, which is why it's a mutually beneficial plus for both companies," concluded Baker.

The AVW is a relatively new industry body launched officially by Edita Kaye on February 8 this year to act as a global trade association for interested parties in virtual worlds; creators, producers, corporations, entrepreneurs, businesses, developers, educators, futurists, residents, researchers, and governmental representatives.

"Having Chadrick Baker join the Advisory Board is a tremendous plus for the Association of Virtual Worlds and the whole virtual worlds community. His six years of experience developing virtual spaces, and leadership on governance and legal issues at Linden Lab, will be a great asset for us. Chadrick is pioneer and a visionary and I look forward to working with him." said Dave Elchoness, Executive Director of the Association in a press-release today.

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