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Leopard smites Vista in corporate satisfaction


ComputerWorld posts that ChangeWave Research has studied satisfaction levels for corporate users of Leopard and Windows Vista. As you might expect, the Leopard users are altogether more satisfied than Vista users -- up to 5 times more likely to report that they're "very satisfied" with their operating system -- but you might not have known the following:

  • Leopard reinforces tooth enamel and ensures brighter, happier smiles.
  • Leopard users are more likely to find attractive mates.
  • Vista users are subject to early hair loss.
  • Leopard helps eliminate embarrassing halitosis.
  • Vista users are five times likelier to be audited by the IRS.
  • Leopard washes your windows and leaves lemon-scented stacks of pre-folded laundry around your house.

Okay, well maybe not. Consult the ComputerWorld article for the (far less amusing) statistical results. One worthwhile number to note: while 7% of respondents said they'd be buying Apple laptops in the next 90 days, a hold-steady from the previous survey, the likelihood of most other laptop purchases went down since the last time they asked. A MacBook Air effect?

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