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Motorola demos EV-DO Rev. A to LTE handoffs

Chris Ziegler

We try not to be an overly philosophical bunch, but we can't help but observe some interesting parallels between Motorola's industry-first demonstration of an EV-DO Rev. A to LTE handoff with the way the entire wireless world is progressing. Without a single major carrier win to its name, EV-DO's successor, UMB, seems poised to ride off into the sunset while current CDMA customers like Verizon plan migrations to the GSM-friendly LTE standard. Anyway, this little technical achievement will certainly set the minds of said CDMA customers at rest, knowing that its subscribers will one day be able to roam on data services between EV-DO Rev. A and LTE cells -- and considering that the transition period could last many years, that's an important capability to have. On an interesting side note, Alltel was on hand for the demo; they've not committed to any 4G technology, but we can say with certainty that they're at least considering LTE at this point.

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