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Patch 2.4: The unofficial patch notes

Mike Schramm

Yesterday, we sent out a call for unofficial changes, and you guys responded with plenty. The official patch notes were posted earlier this week, but here are the unofficial patch notes for patch 2.4 we've found so far.

  • Raid reset timers are showing the wrong times. (known bug)
  • Various weapons are showing up as the wrong sizes. (known bug)
  • A number of AV changes were made, some of them documented, some not.
  • We've confirmed that yes, the Chocobo squawk (press spacebar when standing still on the Blood Elf racial mount) is new to the game.
  • Sound effect for Power World: Shield has changed in volume (thanks, Matt), as have some other sounds in the game
  • Netherstorm mobs have had their health tuned down, and frostbolts seem to go faster (thanks, Nick)
  • Blizzard has adjusted things so that the walljumping exploit is no longer valid in many places (thanks, Jacob)
  • Motes of Water drop rate seems to be nerfed (thanks, Tancred)
More after the jump.

  • Fireworks "operate differently" (I haven't seen this one yet, but thanks MisterGrok)
  • Mini-ravagers have completely infected the Netherwing Mines (thanks, Arras)
  • Portals (Mage, Shattrath, and the Warlock soul portals) have new sounds associated with them (thanks, Xtra)
  • Prince in Karazhan has gotten wise to some previously "safe" areas (thanks, Shumina)
  • The Battlemasters have been working out -- they're bigger and you can't go through them any more (thanks, Esfand)
  • Takes less casts to skill up fishing (thanks, nearlysober)
  • Brewfest keg now has a casting circle, doesn't just appear (thanks, kozaj)
  • Supremus in Black Temple has also been working out, and is much bigger than before (thanks, Mats)
  • The quest giver for the Aether Ray wrangling quest (Skyguard Khatie) is now actually mounted on a nether ray (thanks, Thallid)
  • Warriors' Whirlwind sound has changed (thanks, dabronx and fletcher)
  • Rep grind for Sporeggar appears to be easier (thanks, Al)
A few other changes are also floating around, but most of the others I've heard sound like fixable bugs and/or problems with addons after the patch. If you have any more changes, feel free to throw them in the comments below. Thanks to everyone who noticed something different about the patch -- it's good to find out what Blizzard's been up to for the past few months.

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