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People receive MGS4 pre-order bonus early, MGO beta info revealed

Majed Athab

Over on the IGN boards, a forum poster uploaded pictures of the Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 DVD and stated that these pre-order bonus discs were ready for pick up. However, we gave several local Gamestops a call yet none of them have the discs up for grabs. Chances are your local Gamestop wouldn't have them either, so don't bother calling. For those who don't know what this DVD is, it's a documentary highlighting a part of Metal Gear Solid's history; it is only available to those who have pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid 4 from US retailer Gamestop.

The poster also revealed some information on the upcoming beta test for Metal Gear Online. According to a slip within the DVD case, the beta will be available for download on April 17 and will run from April 21 through May 5.

On a related note, teetering fans anxious to get their hands on the bonus DVD might want to double check Gamestop's website. They've been listing a scrumptious limited edition version of MGS4 for quite some time now. Better check that one out if you're a real hunter of all things collectible.

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