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Producer De Luca eases our fears on MGS movie

Kyle Orland

Last time we talked about the now-officially-official Metal Gear Solid movie, we were a little concerned about producer Joe De Luca's interest in somewhat unproven writer/director Kurt Wimmer. Well, now that we've read an extremely long and somewhat rambling interview with De Luca over at Collider, we're a little less worried about the movie's prospects.

In the interview, De Luca assures us that he knows the difference between what makes a good video game and a good movie. "You're immediately disadvantaged in the theatre because you're not feeling anything," he said, "you're not going to get the excitement or the adrenalin rush of doing it yourself, so we have to do it for you in a way that makes up for that."

That said, De Luca thinks the deep Metal Gear Solid universe has silver screen potential that a game-movie like Mortal Kombat just doesn't. "I think we have a leg up already in that it's such a rich universe... what it says about war by proxy in this kind of future where war has been outsourced to private companies I think can be almost very topical and also kind of satirical in like a Robocop kind of way." As far as we're concerned, you can be as topical and satirical as you want as long as the movie is also entertaining in a Robocop kind of way.

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