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Report shows millennials more savvy about emerging TV technologies

Darren Murph

Let's be honest -- we all understand that the younger set is entirely more likely to dig (i.e. understand) emerging technologies compared to those who've been around for a few more decades, but a new survey commissioned by Hallmark Channel confirms everything you've been assuming. Reportedly, just 31-percent of millennials (primarily in the 18 - 34 media target) found "new television technologies" to be complicated versus 55-percent of baby boomers. Furthermore, nearly half of those in the former category use their DVR regularly while just a quarter of boomers do so. Humorously enough, a staggering 87-percent of the millennials surveyed said that they "regularly fast-forward through commercials," and we can certainly raise our glasses to that. Laugh while you still can, young ones -- one day you'll be calling your kids to get the remote working with your 19-year old BD-UP5000.

[Image courtesy of Chris's Picasa Gallery]

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