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    Sony Alpha A200 DSLR review roundup

    Darren Murph

    Although the A200 has been on store shelves for a tick since its US debut at CES, we wouldn't blame you for clutching that $700 / $900 tight until a handful of reviews hit the 'net. Thankfully, that time has come, and here's what we're hearing. Overall, the highly anticipated successor to the A100 was deemed a "solid entry-level DSLR that doesn't really stand out in its very competitive field," but that's not to say it's not worth checking out. When viewed in isolation, most reviewers found the build quality, built-in image stabilization, battery life, dust reduction system and respectable image quality to be above average, but those already slinging an A100 will find very few reasons to upgrade. Still, critics on the whole found more to love than despise about Sony's A200, so be sure and give those eyes a workout on the review links below if you've been fiddling with the idea of picking one up.

    Read - PhotographyBLOG (4.5 out of 5; Highly Recommended)
    Read - Steve's Digicams ("...a worthy competitor in the entry-level market...")
    Read - CNET (7.0 out of 10; Very Good)
    Read - Digital Camera Resource Page ("...reminded me a lot of my experiences with the Pentax K10D...")

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