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Tabula Rasa "Patches to Ashes" Instance Video

Shawn Schuster

With all the flack NCSoft has been receiving lately concerning a supposed lack of end-game content for Tabula Rasa, we're pleased to announce a brand-spanking-new gameplay video, thanks to our friends over at Ten Ton Hammer. In this video, we see Mission Designer Jason Ford demonstrate some of the features in this level-48 instance being revamped in Patch 1.6. In it, you must defeat Patch, an ironically-named robot boss who has recently become self-aware and is targetting the AFS. The video gives us some insightful tips on the instance's storyline, ultimately defeating Patch, as well as getting bonus rewards for being speedy about it.

We're very excited about this newly remodeled instance as it means there is hope for high level content in TR. So be sure to wax up your Polarity Gun, throw a new coat of armor paint on your boots and check out this exclusive video over at TTH.

(Thanks RadarX)

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