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World in Conflict console 'reinvention' subtitled Soviet Assault

The delayed (and further delayed) console port of World in Conflict is evidently making headway, ready to trade in its "just a PC-port" reputation for a shiny new subtitle. Allow us to introduce ... World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. But this ain't no simple re-titling.

As shown off in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine (Czech edition ... what, you're not a subscriber?), developer Massive Entertainment has managed to teach WiC: SA some new tricks. Of course, mapping the PC's mouse and keyboard controls to a gamepad is a given (and being handled by porting developer Swordfish Studios), but what about a new campaign (play as the Russians, tovarish), more multiplayer maps, and some shiny new cut-scenes? That's what the bean counters call a "value add." In case you've already invested in that PC version, you can add some value to it with an expansion pack. That pack, as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases, are scheduled to assault the nation's (world's?) retailers this Fall.

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