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An introduction to the Citadel of Sorcery


When you log into your favorite MMO, you know Ironforge will be there; The waves of the Ocean of Tears will still lap up against Freeport's docks; Camelot still stands; Bree still bustles with life. What if you could depend upon none of these things -- if when you did not stand against the mindless hordes in defense of your town, it might be destroyed, vanished forever? What if the quests you undertook were yours alone, created from your own history of victories and defeats? What if that NPC town stood no chance against those bandits who have plundered so many other villages -- but you could show them the path to victory?

Such is the intriguing basis of the upcoming MMO, Citadel of Sorcery. Tyro developers MMO Magic have been working on their dream of a MMO where nothing is set in stone and everything is possible for two years now. There's no scheduled release date (or year) and alpha testing has not yet begun, so we don't expect this for awhile. A truly dynamic world where you can make a difference is an innovation no major developer will touch; it's up to the independent development houses to stretch the boundaries that the larger companies will later copy. Whether Citadel of Sorcery can thrive where Horizons and Dark & Light failed, nobody can tell, but we'll be keeping a baleful, glowing eye on them all the same.


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