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Dr. Tanya Byron explains her report findings, stance on games


Following her report (which follows all of the Manhunt 2 ruckus), UK psychologist Dr. Tanya Byron sat down to discuss some things with Next-Gen. While we don't know much about her, what with us living across the pond and all, she does come off as kind of grounded and level-headed about all of this.

It seems that she's very much for adult content in games, just that the adult content in question should only be accessible by, you know, adults. "There's a huge moral debate around content in videogames," she says, "I'm very clear, that wasn't the remit of my review to pass judgment on that and I do believe that content for adults is content for adults. It should be rated that way."

She goes on further to add: "I can understand that gamers fear that there will be a 'you can't play these games anymore.' I've not said that, I'd never say that, and certainly if I heard people beginning to use my review to try and imply that I will be very quick to say that that was not and will not be a recommendation of mine."

While we're not resident of the UK, we're incredibly interested in where this is all going. Ratings improvements can be made worldwide, we're sure, and we'd like to see a world where it doesn't take an incredibly-long time to release a game because a bunch of uninformed people are too busy arguing about how it's going to train your kid to kill.

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