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EA announces 'Zubo,' DS rhythm game aimed at kids


And since we're wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas at this very moment, we figure it might as well be aimed at us too. Gleefully skipping into the crosshairs with us are boys and girls aged 7-11, whom EA's Casual Entertainment Label hopes to please with the release of Zubo, a DS-exclusive "music-based rhythm-action game featuring a unique set of characters."

Slated to ship worldwide this Fall, Zubo has players zealously aiding the inhabitants of Zubalon -- those would be the eponymous Zubos -- and consequently foiling the insidious Zombos (zombie hobos?). There's a zoological element to the game, as you'll be able to recruit, feed and strengthen various Zubos before tossing them into muzak-and-rhythm battles. We also expect to encounter an evil Zamboni at some point, but we'll have to wait and zee.

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